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4 Exotic Cats You Can Keep As a Lovely Pet

Exotic Cats That Are Kept as Pets – Uninterested with common cats? Want to have unique cats with exotic coat? Hmm, we recommend you take a look at these 4 cats’ breeds. They are really exotic with their attractive fur pattern which resembles wild cat and tiger. Let’s check below!


Unique! 4 Exotic Cats You Can Keep As a Lovely Pet

1. Ocicat

This cat may look like the wild cat Ocelot, but you know, Ocicat is not their descendant. This exotic cat is the result of cross-breed between Siamese cat and Abyssinian cat. Surprising, right?

If you’re looking for a beautiful cat with exotic fur pattern that is very friendly, sociable and can befriend like a dog, Ocicat can be the right choice. Although this cat hasn’t been very popular as Bengal and other exotic breed, but Ocicat is worth to be chosen as a pet.

2. Savannah

Savannah cat is popular these days. And, they’re very popular because of their exoticness. Who can resist to have a cat that look so much as wild cat yet just behave like a gentle domestic cat?

This breed is the result of cross-breed between African wild cat, Serval, and domestic cat. They have spotted fur pattern, long ears, slim and long body. Their weight is around 9 until 13 kilograms.

Savannah cat is quite big for a cat, but despite their big body and wild look, their temperament is very gentle. They are even like dog which can be taken for walking around with leash. They also like to befriend with other animals.

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3. Toyger

The next exotic cat in this list is Toyger. Their name sounds like tiger, right? Well, this breed is named like that because of their appearance. They look like a mini tiger. They are the result of cross breed between Bengal cat and domestic cat.

Toyger has orange color of fur with black stripes like a tiger. Their name “Toyger” might be meant as tiger that can be asked for playing. Their temperament is also like the common domestic cat, make them more lovable as a pet.

4. Chausie

Chausie cat is the result of cross breed between domestic cat and forest cat Felis chaus. They are known for their big muscled body, wide chest and long legs. Their coat’s color is usually black or grey.

Inherit their forest cat ancestor, Chausie cats are very active, playful and full of awareness. This cat is suitable for you who has had previous experience in raising cats. Although Chausie cat is friendly with children, it’s recommended to not let this cat play alone with them without any surveillance.

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Well, those are 4 exotic cats we can recommend you to keep as a pet. Which cat interest you the most? Hmm, whatever your answer, let’s spread the love for the feline friend! Thank you for reading.

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