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5 Cats Races with Unusual Appearance

The Most Beautiful Cat Breeds with Unusual Appearance – What comes to your mind when people mention the name of cat? Hmm, probably you will imagine a furred cute, chubby animal that like to meow. Well, that’s true as the cat is very well-known for their cuteness. However, this time we’d like to bring to you 5 cat’s races with unusual appearance. All of these 5 cats having unique visual trait that might be unusual to common people.

Unique Looking Cat Breeds with Unusual Appearance


The 5 Most Unique Looking Cat Breeds with Unusual Appearance

1. Lambkin Cat

Lambkin cat is the result of cross-breed between Munchkin and Selkirk Rex. It results a cute lovable cat! Lambkin has short legs like Munchkin and curly long fur like Selkirk Rex. This cat’s race is new to the cat kingdom so not many people know about it. However, it’s predicted that this cat will be popular in the future due to its cute lovable face.

2. Ukrainian Levkoy Cat

This cat has a very thin fur like Sphynx, but their fur is still thicker than Sphynx. What makes them unique beside their thin fur is their ears which are folded like Scottish Folds. This unusual appearance comes from cross-breed between Donskoy and Scottish Folds. Aside from their unique appearance, this cat is very nice and affectionate.

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3. Lykoi Cat

The first thing when you look at this cat, you might say: it looks like a werewolf! Yes, Lykoi cats have unusual appearance that makes them like the werewolf. Their face is grown by long fur which have the same pattern like werewolf we used to seen on TV.

Many people assume that Lykoi is the result of cross-breed like most cats in this list, but Lykoi is a result of natural genetic mutation! Actually, a report of Lykoi cat has been submitted about 15 years ago, but only in 2010 when two wild cats with this unusual appearance found, than the scientist began searching and breed this cat. The name “Lykoi” itself taken from Greek that means “cat wolf”.

4. Minskin Cat

Minskin cat is Sphynx with short legs version. This cat is bred by cross-breeding between Munchkin and Sphynx. Like Sphynx, their look almost having no fur, but actually they do. The fur is just very short and smooth. This cat is started to be publicly known in 2008.

5. Selkirk Rex

This cat is like other Rex cats that has curly fur. What differentiate Selkirk Rex from other Rex cats is that their fur is denser like sheep. If other Rex cats are the result of cross-breed, this cat is the result of natural genetic mutation.

With their unique coat, cute face, spoiled nature and loving to play, makes Selkirk Rex is very suitable for becoming a pet. Moreover, this cat has a good health compared to other cat.

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Alright cat lovers, those are 5 cat’s races with unusual appearance. Is there any of them that pick your interest? Tell us in your comment. Thank you for reading.

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