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5 Differences between Angora and Persian Cats

The Differences between Angora & Persian Cats – Both Angora and Persian cats are very famous all over the world. Even for people who don’t know much about cats’ world, they usually will know the name of those two races. It makes sense because these two races are among the most beautiful cats ever live.

Differences Angora and Persian Cats

However, sometimes people might get confused when it comes to the differences between Angora and Persian cats. Hence, this time we’d like to share with you several differences between the two beautiful cats’ race. Let’s find out together!

What are the Main Differences between a Angora Cats and Persian Cats

1. Origin

  • Angora cats originate from Angora (today is known as Ankara), Turkey. It’s one of the oldest cat’s race who has been brought to Europe in the 1600’s.
  • Persian cats originate from Persia (now is Iran), which were initially brought to Italy in the year of 1620.

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2. Face Contour

  • Angora cats have triangular face contour with a little pointed nose. Their ears are long and acute angled with the shape like triangle too. Smooth small fur are found on the tip of the ears. Their eyes are almond-shape, large and usually blue, amber or both (odd-eyed, a kind of heterochromia).
  • Persian cats tend to have rounded face, mostly with flat nose and if you look closely at their side view, from their forehead, nose and muzzle all are flat.  Their eyes are more various than the Angora cats.


3. Body Shape

  • Angora cats have more ideal body shape. They look taller than the Persian cats with their slim body, a little bit muscular with fine structure of bone.
  • Persian cats look fatter than Angora cats and shorter too. Their legs are shorter but look strong and corpulent with rounded claws.


4. Fur

  • Angora cats have dense coat, but it’s not as dense as Persian cats. However, on their tail, the coat is very dense and long like a civet’s tail. On their face, the fur is not too dense nor long.
  • Persian cats are very famous due to their long hair. Their whole body are coated with dense long hair.


5. Personality

  • Angora cats are very active, obedient and quite smart. They like to interact and play with their owner. This race has high-curiosity as well. They are easy to adapt with new environment and friendly to other animals or human.
  • Persian cats are calmer and quieter than Angora cats. They are gentle, obedient and sometimes lazy and certainly spoiled.

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Okay now that you have known 5 differences between Angora cats and Persian cats, you can certainly differentiate them when you see them, right? Hope this one is useful enough and thank you for reading.

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