A new report 95% of baby foods contain toxic metals.


according to a report released Thursday by the Healthy Babies Bright Futures organization.

baby foods contain toxic

from 61 brands like ( Enfamil, Gerber, and Up&Up …)found that :

95% of baby foods tested are contaminated with one or more toxic heavy metals

These products were bought from 14 different areas, including supermarkets, superstores, and baby stores….

A new report 95% of baby foods in the US contain toxic metals. 

A study that tested 168 baby foods Some of them include infant formula, infant cereal, rice puffs, and teething biscuits.

These toxins in baby food may cause:

  1. can impact the growth of babies brain
  2.  lower IQ
  3.  increase the chance of cancer
  4. as well as lifelong deficits in intelligence.

These toxins in baby food may cause:

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How many baby foods was each heavy metal found?

according to the report. Of the baby foods tested, it’s contained :

  •  94% contain  lead
  • 75% contain  cadmium
  • 73% contain  arsenic
  • 32% contain  mercury
  • 26% contains all 4 heavy metals.

How many baby foods was each heavy metal found?

How many baby foods had multiple heavy metals in a single container?

  • 4 metals 26%
  • 3 metals 40%
  • 2 metals 21%
  • 1 metal 8%
  • 0 metals 5%

How many baby foods had multiple heavy metals in a single container?

But Gerber the baby food company said: “many food safety and agricultural experts suggest that it is not feasible to achieve a ‘zero’ level of these elements – even in homemade foods made from organic ingredients.”

“Parents can protect their babies today by choosing nutritious and affordable alternatives to the most contaminated foods,” Dr.Landrigan said.

Baby foods contain toxic like Rice

Rice is grownup in water, it is good at absorbing inorganic arsenic
Arsenic you found it in soil, air, and water because it is a natural element, the inorganic form being the most toxic.
Also, for this, wild and brown rice are the worst offenders, because the white rice milling process removes the outer layers,
where much of the arsenic concentrates. However, it should be noted that toxin levels have decreased for years.

Puff rice snacks and cereals-baby foods in the US contain toxic metals. 

​So, what can parents do?

The report offered several tips for choosing safer baby foods:

Puff rice snacks and cereals


Avoid rice puffs and other snacks made with rice flour, which contain relatively high levels of arsenic, lead, and cadmium.
what is recommended for several baby foods typically low in metals?
applesauce (unsweetened), apples, bananas, beans, cheese, yogurt, grapes, hard-boiled eggs, peaches, barley with diced vegetables, and beans.

Recommended cooking rice in extra water and pouring it off before eating, for healthy Babies.
Based on FDA studies. they say that will cut arsenic levels by 60 percent.

Teething foods


Avoid teething biscuits and rice rusks. because Teething biscuits can contain arsenic, lead, and cadmium,
Opt for other solutions for teething pain, like frozen banana,
a peeled and chilled cucumber, a cold, clean wet washcloth …

Juice Drinks


it’s not a good option, American Academy of Pediatrics said. Juices are high in sugar, lack fiber, and maybe contribute to tooth decay and later obesity.
Beware of Pear, Apple, grape and other fruit juices can also contain traces of lead and arsenic. so frequent use is a top source of these metals.
These levels aren’t as high as some other baby foods but could be dangerous when babies drink fruit juice frequently.
For all ages, juices should be kept to a minimum.
One tip: add water to create the juice last longer and continually make sure the drink is 100 percent juice.

Fruits & Veggies

Fruits & Veggies- baby foods in the US contain toxic metals. 

Sweet potatoes and carrots are a great source of Vitamin A and other nutrients that the baby needs.
But they contain higher levels of cadmium and lead than other fruits and vegetables,
Variety is the solution: parents can serve these vegetables along with other vegetables and fruits during the
week, for benefits without the excess risk.

İf you want to read the full report Baby food report.