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Amazing Health Facts about Cats and Babies You Must Know

Fact About Amazing Health Facts about Cats and Babies – What’s on your mind when you see a baby closely plays with a cat? Are you worry about the health of the baby? Do you think it is good or not for the baby to be so close with the cat? It’s natural to worry about the baby’s health for being so close with the cat. No matter how, the cat is still an animal. Also you might have heard in the past people say that the cat can cause asthmatic problem for human.

The fact is, contrary to what some people say, the cat can give health’ benefits to human-in this case is baby-instead of endangering them. For more details about this fact, let’s read carefully what we write below.

Amazing Health Facts about Cats and Babies

1. Cats Help Baby Immune to Asthma

For a long time many people believe that the cats are the cause of asthma. However, the belief is proven wrong. Asthma in babies are caused by genetic factor. So, the cats are not the cause of asthma, but they are one of many stimulants that can provoke asthma raise to the surface.

But it is proven that the cats can only stimulate asthma disease on adult human. When a baby exposed to a cat, the asthma germ is not provoked, but instead the baby will be immune to asthma.

2. Cats as Neutralizer

A recent research in Denmark has surprised medical world. From the research, the cats are proven to be able prevent asthmatic problem in babies and children under 12 years old.

According to the researchers, the existence of the cats nearby asthmatic pregnant woman can even neutralize the asthmatic gen she has. Due to this neutralization, her baby will not suffer from asthma. In other word, the cats are like an antidote to asthmatic disease.

Cats and Babies

3. How Can Cats Prevent Babies from Asthma?

The research shows that exposure to allergen in cats can strengthen the immune system which is still growing in babies and children. Therefore, this thing will not be happen in adult whose immune system has been well-grown.

Uniquely, the researchers also find that dogs do not have the benefit like the cats have. So, the babies and children that are exposed to dogs will not show immune system change to asthma. Not only asthma, the researchers also prove that raising a cat can reduce the risk of pneumonia and bronchitis disease.

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Wew, isn’t awesome, those facts above? The cats give health benefits to babies and children. Of course, the cats here should be clean and well taken care of cats. Now, is your love to the feline friend grow even more? Tell us! Thank you for reading and see you again.

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