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Be Aware! These 5 Things Can Cause your Cat Feels Stressed

Be Aware! These 5 Signs Your Cat Might Be Stressed – You know, cats are just like human which can be stressed because of their bad environment. They can even be stressed because of our acts. However, as their masters we might be clueless about things we do that can cause them stressed. Hence, let’s learn these 5 things below that can cause your cat feels stressed.


5 Things That Make Stress Out Your Cat

1. Indiscipline Schedule

Cats are the animal that live routinely. By keeping things related with them routinely, you will make the cats feel safe and confident. Some studies even show that cats whose environment changes very much will be 1.9 times easier to be sick compared to the cats that live routinely. That’s why take care of your cats’ health by doing things routinely. For example, give them meals at the same time every day.


2. Forcing the Cats to Cuddle

Cuddling with the beloved cat after working all day long is one thing many cat owners love to do. Do you also like doing that? If the answer is yes, be careful to not force your cat to cuddle with you. For example, if your cat wriggles and want to secede from your arms, it’s the sign she doesn’t want to cuddle with you at that time.

3. Waking Up the Cats Harshly

Just like you who won’t like to be waked up harshly, your cat is the same. If you feel annoyed to be treated harshly, your cat will also feel like that. Hence, please to wake up your cats gently.

4. Too Loud of Music

The cats’ ear are more sensitive than ours. Naturally their ears are created to possible them hearing the very sensitive sound such as the sound of mouse’s walking on the floor. If they can even hear such low sound can you imagine if they hear too loud music? Of course that will hurt their ears. Hence, avoid playing loud music nearby your cats. If possible, move your cats to another place before you turn on the TV or you can turn down the volume of the music player.

5. Smell Stings Products

Besides having sensitive hearing, the cats are also known to be very sensitive in their sense of smell. Several smell stings products in our house such as detergent, perfuming clothes, air freshener, or even smelly litter box will spread unpleasant smell for the cats. Hence, avoid your cat from smell stings products because those products which we consider have nice smell will cause the different aroma for the cats. Those smells might cause them feels stressed or even poisoned.

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Okay, cat lovers, those are 5 things that can cause your cat feels stressed. Be careful with things around your beloved cat. Thank you for reading and see you again next time.

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