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Cat’s Tail Movements: 6 Cat Tail Signs/Meaning

Cat Tail Wagging: The Meaning of Your Cat’s Different Tail Wags, to Understanding Your Cat’s Body LanguageAs other animals, cat also has unique way of communication. As the cat’s owner, you might need to learn about the cat’s way of communication. Here we will discuss about cat’s tail’s movement. What meaning the cats try to convey with her tail’s wagging? Let’s find out!

The Meaning of Your Cat’s Different Tail Wags

1. Vertically Upright and Straight

When your cat’s tail vertically upright, it shows that your cat feels satisfied, friendly and confident. Usually cats’ tail will be like this when they are near their master. So, if you meet a strange cat, but her tails vertically upright while walking closer to us, it means she really like us. The cat’s mother also make this sign when she wants her kittens following her.

2. Vertically Upright with Arched Tip

If your cat makes her tail vertically upright with arched tip like the question sign, it means that your cat in the mood of playing. Hence, when your cat shows this kind of tail’s movement, spare your time to play with her.

3. Inserting Tails Between Two Legs

When a cat inserts her tail between her two legs or arched under her body, it shows that the cat is in fear. It can also mean she is giving up. Probably, there is something that makes the cat afraid or nervous at the moment she makes that tail’s movement.

4. Expanding Tails

Normally, cats will expand their tails when they are scared or worried of something. Their tail will be expanded so it will look bigger and threatening. Usually they will make a sound of fizz while making her tail expanded.

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5. Slamming Tails to the Floor

If a cat slams her tail to the floor repeatedly, it can mean that she is angry or being aggressive. You are better avoiding her when she makes her tail to be like this, or else she might attack you.

6. Wagging Tails

When your cat wags her tail from one side to other side, it’s a sign that she is focused on certain object or prey that is interesting to her. We might see this kind of tail’s movement before pouncing on toys, preys or foods spilled outside the bowls.

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Okay, now you’ve known the meanings of cat’s tail’s movement, haven’t you? Which tail’s movement your cat often make? Hopefully is not the movement on the point 4 or 5. We wish you a happy day with your beloved cat. Thank you for reading.

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