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Important Vaccinations for Cats/Kittens and Time to Give It

Vaccines & Vaccination Schedule for Cats & Kittens – Have you vaccinated your beloved cat? You know, it’s very important to vaccinate the cat because it can prevent any fatal illness that can endanger her life. Vaccinating your cat also important for you and the household in order you and the family safe from being contaminated by the diseases caused by the cat.

What kinds of vaccination are important for the cat? When you should give it? Let’s find out below!

Cat, Kitten Vaccinations: Schedule, Risks, Core Vaccines, and More

1. Core Vaccination

Core vaccination is obligatory vaccines that you must give to your cat to keep her away from any fatal and contagious diseases. What are core vaccinations for your cat? The first one is Tricat Vaccine. This vaccination is to protect the cat from 3 dangerous diseases: feline panleukopenia (FPV atau FPL), feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR), and feline calcivirus disease (FCV). These 3 diseases have a symptom like fever and can cause sudden death.

The next core vaccination for cat is Tetracat Vaccine (Tricat plus Chlamydia). Chlamydia is caused by bacteria that attacks the cat’s respiratory system. Then, Rabies Vaccine is also very important to be given to prevent your cat from rabies infection.

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2. Non-Core Vaccination

Non-core vaccination is non-obligatory vaccines that are given to the cat depends on the cat’s condition, risk factors and the life style of your cat. One of non-core vaccines is a vaccine to prevent the cat from feline leukimia virus (FeLV). This vaccine is required if your cat like to go outside and play with wild cats.

3. Pet Vaccines: Schedules for Cats


8 – 10 Weeks Old

Before the vaccination is given, your cat will be examined by the vet to check her health’s condition. At this age, your cat will be vaccinated with Tricat/Tetracat Vaccine and worm medicine.

12 – 14 Weeks Old

Tricat or Tetracat Vaccines will be given again at this age. Why should be repeated? Because after the firs vaccine given, the immunity of the kitten is rising until reaching the top in the second week, then the immunity level will drop down again in the fourth week. Therefore, it’s required to repeat the vaccination at this age. After second vaccination given, the kitten’s immunity will be doubled.

20 Weeks Old

At this age, Rabies Vaccine can be given to your cat. If at this age your cat haven’t got any vaccine, usually the vet will give Tetracat and Rabies Vaccines at the same time. After that, the second vaccination is repeated within 1 year.

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Okay cat lovers, those important vaccinations for cat and time to give it. We hope it can be a little help for you to decide giving vaccination for your pet. Thank you for reading and have a nice day with your beloved cat.

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